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Mirror Mosaics Make Iranian Mosque Resemble a Giant Geode

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Mirror mosaics are a traditional Persian art form, and nowhere is this more apparent than in the resplendent Shah Cheragh mosque—the third most important pilgrimage site in Iran—and the smaller Ali Ibn Hamza shrine. Both buildings are covered from their floors to their domes with intricate designs mixing colored glass and mirrors. Stepping into Shah Cheragh is literally a dazzling experience: the geometric mirror mosaics on the walls refract light from many angles.

Appropriately, the mosque's name translates to "King of Light," although its shimmering silver-and-green visuals were actually designed for a Queen in the 14th century. According to Atlas Obscura, she wanted the Shiraz, Iran mosque, which contains the tombs of two important figures in Islam, to "intensify any light a thousand times over."

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