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Pro Tip: Don't Have Your Wife Manage Your Mistress' Apartment

Dear real-estate moguls of Stuart Venner's ilk: if you must have a mistress, and buy her an apartment, please don't make your poor wife the property manager of that apartment. In a lawsuit filed earlier this month in Philadelphia, Venner's wife Grace Chang claims that her husband leased a Society Hill apartment he bought in 2012 to allow Panadda Pratomtang to live there for $1 a month until the year 2053, "in return for her providing prostitution services to Board Member, [Stuart] Venner." Turns out Mrs. Venner wasn't so keen on with this arrangement, which she only discovered because she was listed as property manager.

For all anyone knows, Pratomtang may have been offered such a discounted lease for her delightful company. Stuart Venner made headlines back in 2013 when he sent eviction notices to a bevy of mom-and-pop shops in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, which he replaced with upscale retail and urgent care facilities. So everyone should be very surprised that Stuart Venner, community man, is capable of something like this.

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