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You're the Zoo Animal in this Transparent Japanese House

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A year or so ago, Japanese firm Suppose Design Office completed an alluring three-story house clad entirely in translucent walls. More recently, challenged with creating a home that would bring residents as close to nature as possible, the studio kicked it up a few notches and gave the rural "Hiroshima Hut" totally transparent exterior acrylic walls and see-through interior partitions. Though this design largely means inhabitants will be baring everything for all to see, there is still a modicum of privacy thanks to cleverly sunken rooms.

Built on top of a mild gravel hill, the roughly 860-square-foot home hides a bathroom and storage space underground, while organizing everything else in a split-level setup. Central spaces on the main floor are guided by curving metal mesh dividers. But the kitchen, for example, is partially submerged, and derives its countertop from the floor of the main level.

It's "possible for a deer to stare at the residents preparing meals," reads the architect's statement. And that's the point. Here, the thin roof with a generous overhang creates a shelter of sorts for attracting animals to the home.

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