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Congrats on the Fancy Future Penthouse, Michael Kors

Fashion designer and former Project Runway judge Michael Kors is reportedly in the process of scooping up a fancy penthouse at the Greenwich Lane, the massive new condo complex in Manhattan's West Village neighborhood. According to the New York Post, the three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath unit is costing Kors somewhere between $17 and $21M. The LEED-certified development won't be completed until 2016, but judging by one listing that fits the bill of Kors' new pad, he and husband Lance LePere have a lot to look forward to.

Said listing, which also outlines detailed features like a 30-foot-long living and dining area, marble master bath, and private roof terrace, comes with the renderings shown here. But this recent tour of the designer's current apartment might offer a better idea of what his new place will actually look like. It seems the sort of understated, "classic modern" aesthetic already shown in the renderings isn't that far off.

Pretty sweet public spaces, too:

Enjoy the crazy playroom, Michael Kors.

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