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$8M Fairytale Country Estate Couldn't Be More Greenwich

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Location: Greenwich, Connecticut
Price: $7,850,000
Have you heard the lesser-known Grimm's fairy tale about the princess who was awakened from a years-long nap by the kiss of prince finance bro, who moved her into a 10,170-square-foot Greenwich mansion she eventually received in a divorce settlement? Neither have we, but this looks like the place.

No but really, this very fairy tale "country house" was just listed for $7.85M, on about three acres in one of the fanciest zip codes in the U.S. Built in 1972, it's comprised of two barn-shaped volumes that join at a living room with a stone fireplace and a multi-pane, two-story glass window looking out on an "idyllic landscape panorama of rolling lawns," a "lake," and an "inviting swimming pool."

The most Greenwich estate ever has six-bedrooms with ensuite baths, a stone-clad billiards room, a wine cellar, and a sauna.

·630 Lake Avenue [Estately]