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'Spatially-Flexible' Hourglass Tower to Descend on Vienna

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MVRDV, the Rotterdam-based firm that wowed the world with a massive, horseshoe-shaped covered market, recently won a competition to add a skyscraper to the skyline of Vienna. Their proposal? A glassy 360-feet building in the form of a curling "hourglass." Like Bjarke Ingel's Vancouver tower and Santiago Calatrava's (now doomed) Chicago Spire, this design also puts a literal twist on the standard tower figure. But MVRDV justifies the shape this way: the structure's "contorted form" will ensure that neighboring buildings won't be in the shadow for more than two hours a day.

How that shadow maneuvering will actually pan out will only become clear after construction begins, which is currently slated for 2016. Anyway, the mixed-use building will have about 380,000 square feet of floor space and 110 underground parking spaces. Since housing, offices, shops, and restaurants are all anticipated uses, the building interior will be free of columns to allow more flexibility. Take a closer look, below.

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