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Phoenix Man Turns His Sedan Into an $85-a-Night Airbnb

Phoenix resident Steve Sasman has an offer for you, and no, it's not spending upwards of $100 to sleep in his car for a night. What you'd be doing is booking a magical evening in the "World's First TESLA HOTEL!"

"I've already slept in this thing three times so why not let other people do it," Sasman told Phoenix's CBS5. Thanks for sharing, Steve. We sincerely hope you're in a better place now.

Tesla bros, right? Always assuming the world wants to hear about/ride in/sleep on an air mattress inside of their Teslas. You have to be out by 8 because he needs it to get to work, but hey, "you are free to hang out in the Condo and even sleep-in longer on the big comfy couch if you like." Plus, "you also get 2 remote controlled candles—(battery powered of course) to help set a fun camping mood in the Tesla." The perks, they just keep on coming!

"How often do you get to sleep in a $118,000 Electric Car?" Not enough, Steve. Not nearly enough.

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