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Tiny Dublin Garage Transforms into the Very Cutest Kitchen

Many a folks have already figured out there are cool livable spaces to be gained from a converted garage, but this latest example in Dublin may be the loveliest yet. Granted, the mews building's brick-and-stone façade is already pretty handsome to begin with. Factoring in the sunny, petite kitchen Irish firm Taka Architects was able to squeeze into the space just spells another win for garage renovations.

In place of the garage's original roller shutter, there's now a large window with "vertical steel fins" that act as a privacy shield of sorts for the street-level space. The designers also planted eye-catching fern at the base of the window to soften the industrial feel of the steel screen. Overall, the project creates a delightful cohesion between the new orangey and green-hued kitchen and the light-filled backyard garden directly visible from the front of the house.

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