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Radically Sloped Japanese Home Hovers Right Over a Reservoir

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Japanese firm Suppose Design Office just won't stop messing with boundaries. To bring one client closer to nature, the studio has already completed an entirely transparent rural hut. Their latest project in Fukuoka, Japan is all about getting intimate with water, as the 1,200-square-foot sloping house daringly extends over the wall of a reservoir.

Under a large pitched roof that follows the slope of the site, various rooms are spread over three descending levels. The first tier holds the bathroom and storage spaces. The next floor down contains several bedrooms. While living, dining, and kitchen areas on the bottom level enjoy the most expansive view of the water, a strip of glazing that wraps around the house opens up a panoramic view of the landscape.

Just like the marvelous tilted media room at the Institute of Contemporary Art on the Boston harbor, peering down from the uppermost level of this house creates the illusion of hovering right over the water.

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