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Every Office Needs a Climbable Timber Clubhouse with a Slide

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The time has come for the very in vogue "house in a box" concept to infiltrate the workplace. Over in Paris, local architect Estelle Vincent has inserted a trio of multi-purpose wooden "meeting rooms" into the headquarters of marketing firm Ekimetrics, located in a gorgeously ornate building on the Champs-Élysées. In this environment, Vincent's geometric, pale timber structures add a laid-back, playful vibe.

Since the office is largely open-plan, these minimalist "shed-like" spaces offer a degree of privacy and flexibility. One angular module, for example, contains two workspaces, but also tucks in 24 small boxes that can be taken apart and stacked into tiered seating for larger meetings. Another cube-shaped module has stairs to a "rooftop" gathering space, a wall of cubbies, and one severely inclined slide exit route. It all looks pretty fun:

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