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Here's a Video Game About Building Ikea Furniture, Because It's Not Frustrating Enough in Real Life

Höme Improvisåtion, a new video game for the Mac and PC, promises to be "the world's most fun and cooperative furniture assembly experience." In reality, it's more like death by flatpack furniture, as the goal of the game is to assemble an endless pile of Ikea-style products in a virtual living room, without even any fun instructional pictograms real Ikea deliveries comes with. "If you don't know what to do, the peg is like a screw," the game demo narrator shares gleefully.

The game, which was developed in 48 hours as part of last weekend's Global Game Jam in Atlanta, is available to download for free. It also allows up to four players, so just like in real life, your family and friends can join in on the chaos fun.

Check out the demo:

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