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Do Japan's Lonely Singles Really Want 'Marriage-Hunting' Apartments with Stripper Poles?

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In Japan, where a recent study found that nearly 50% of adults are not having sex, a Tokyo property developer has come up with his own solution to the country's problem. The remedy, according to Rintaro Kikuchi, is simple: stripper poles in the living room. Kikuchi, who believes that most Japanese apartments are deeply unsexy, builds specialized konkatsu or "marriage-hunting" apartments with wooden bathtubs adjacent to the stripper poles, soundproofing, and lots of natural light. "You can't ignore sex and make a house," he tells the Wall Street Journal. In order to come up with the purportedly alluring design for his apartments, he consulted with a "sexuality advisor," who was the one who suggested including a detachable stripper pole.

Kikuchi, whom the WSJ claims "isn't half-bad on the pole himself," has taken many precautions to ensure that sex will be had in his apartments. According to the listing for one of the 11.3M yen ($96K) konkatsu pads, the walls and ceiling are finished with natural building materials, because apparently petroleum "will adversely affect the female hormone." There is also "floral and German-made wallpaper."

The WSJ spoke with two women that moved into konkatsu apartments and just so happened to find mates shortly thereafter. One of these relationships ended in marriage, and the husband believes the "fashionable" apartment, which surprised and impressed him, definitely played a role. Or was that the stripper pole? Photos, below:

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