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Checking In: How's the Snowfall at Your Favorite Ski Area?

This year has definitely had some winners and losers on the snow front, but comparing snowfall totals in inches only tells part of the story when it comes to deciding where's the best place to ski. Two separate mountains can ski very differently on the same amount of snow. While 200 inches would be a pretty good year for Sugarloaf in Maine, that would be a disaster season for Alta, which averages 551 inches annually. In that vein, this graph shows which ski resorts are on track to have an above-average winter and which mountains are looking a little bare (sorry Tahoe, but we're looking at you).

We've taken information from Tony Crocker's excellent website,, and made a chart showing resorts' snowfall as a percent of what their typical snow total should be at this time of year.

The most recent update at is from Jan. 15, so while this doesn't take into account any late January storms, we think it's a good starting point for making ski trip reservations.

-By Michael Schrantz

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