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Round Out Your Super Bowl Weekend with These Super Bowls

Why super bowls, you may be wondering, beyond the terrible pun? Perhaps for some perspective; the entire purchasing power of these exorbitantly priced heirloom bowls (which include an original Picasso) would cost a bowl collector the equivalent of about seven seconds of Super Bowl commercial airtime. Just something to think about while you crush a warm six-pack and ponder the nature of the advertising-industrial complex this Sunday.

Or maybe this was just for the terrible pun. Enjoy the game!

↑ English sterling silver "Warwick Vase" Bowl $250,000 [link]

↑ Tiffany & Co. copper inlaid silver punch service $248,500 [link]

↑ Jade bowl from the Mughal period of the Qing Dynasty $125,000 [link]

↑ Murano glass three-tiered fountain $60,000 [link]

↑ Early Ming Dynasty porcelain stem plate $57,500 [link]

↑ Emile Gallé French Art Nouveau glass and wood footed bowl $45,000 [link]

↑ Qing Dynasty porcelain fish bowl with polychrome enamels $38,757.29 [link]

↑ Josef Hoffmann and Wiener Werkstätte loop-handled coupe $37,500 [link]

↑ Buccellati sterling silver and lapis wine cooler bowl $30,250 [link]

↑ Russian cloisonne silver enamel bowl $29,000 [link]

↑ 18th century Chinese Famille Rose fish bowl $20,000-25,000 [link]

↑ Red Chinese bowl children playing with Opium flowers $18,500 [link]

↑ Colorless glass bowl layered with yellow $18,300 [link]

↑ Peter Voulkos abstract expressionist bowl $15,000 [link]

↑ Emile Gallé art deco bowl $14,000 [link]

↑ Gabriel Argy-Rousseau Pâte-de-Verre winged bowl $13,500 [link]

↑ Loetz Cameo glass Bowl by Marey Beckert Schider $8,250 [link]

↑ Georges Jouve toro bowl $7,500 [link]

↑ Ercole Barovier "Parabolico" bowl $4,500 [link]

↑ Pablo Picasso Scène de tauromachie bowl $1,511-$3,022 [link]