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One Direction's Liam Buys $7.8M 'Take Me Seriously' Mansion

[photos redacted]

Liam Payne, the fresh-faced cherub of One Direction, just bought himself what every 21-year-old really wants: a combination ballet studio/all-weather tennis court/heated pool/cinema/700-bottle wine cellar/$7.8M existential crisis-inducing maze of white rooms. Liam, at such a tender age, just moved from his hometown, (allegedly) got his girlfriend pregnant, and is, clearly, recreationally YOLO'ing.

If anything, this house will decide which side of life's great moral fulcrum our dear Liam will fall upon: will he rise from the ashes like a Daniel Radcliffe or fall asunder like Justin Bieber? No matter what happens, the tabloids can be comforted that it will be set in a totally dope 10,373-square-foot compound. Proving that everyone, at heart, is a despotic James Bond villain, the mansion is iPad controlled, covered in "camera isolation zones," and comes with "heat and motion monitored." Good luck trying to break in, hypothetical 14-year-old girls.

[photos redacted]

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