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To Thine Own Self Be True, Spaghetti Chair

Graphic designer Haris Jusovic is building the kind of world I want to live in. The kind where more things look like food.

There are other spaghetti chairs out there, but none so delightful as Jusovic's concept, which was unveiled today with a whole batch of others on Design Boom. Somebody hook him up with a manufacturer, and Snackwave will have finally made it to the design world, where all fake trends go to become real.

With its two-noodle support, the spaghetti chair looks the least plausible of the bunch, which would all fit in quite nicely with the internet's most surreal furniture gift guide. But who are we to tell people what can and can't be done?

Keep designing chairs, Haris. You're making us hungry.

· Haris Jusovic imagines creative chair concept of high heels seats [Design Boom]