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Developer Makes Terrifying Ad for Luxe London Apartments

The London property developer Redrow has unleashed what is probably the world's most bleak and disillusioned video advertisement for luxury apartments. In it, an unshaven protagonist in a suit has nightmares, fights with his beautiful girlfriend, and broods in the corner at a dance club. "They say nothing comes easy," the voiceover intones. "And looking back, it's hard to disagree." Cue close-ups of the man wandering despondently past skyscrapers in the City of London and being angsty at his banking terminal. "The mornings that felt like night, the days that melted into months and years, the missed opportunities, the doubts, the need to be different . . ."

Suddenly we see the day trader smirking up at a tall tower with a glowing purple line on its façade. His black car skids to a stop, and he glides into an empty marble lobby, right into an elevator that takes him to an art-filled apartment with white tables and sofas, many decanters, and a random graphic design book. His girlfriend is asleep in a bed of high-thread-count linens, but the man can't help but be drawn to the view from floor-to-ceiling windows, or as he describes it, "to look out at the city that could have swallowed you whole."

But magically, our protagonist is no longer full of despair. Once inside his anonymous highrise condo with a cocaine-inspired carpet, he's satisfied, even calm. As the video zooms in on the formerly gloomy man contemplating his bird's-eye-view of London, the voiceover declares: "Stand, with the world at your feet."

"I've just never seen an advert, outside of charity for starving children or child abuse ads, this fucking dark," writes a commenter on a thread discussing the many perplexing facets of this video, like the 1990s-era Nokia phone the man uses. "The people who buy this sort of real estate have obviously transcended human emotions."

The developer, Redrow London, has since deleted the video from their Vimeo account, but thankfully nothing this bizarre ever really disappears from the internet.

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