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Think You're Hardcore? Try Yurt Living in the Minnesota Tundra

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In Northern Minnesota (the north part! of Minnesota!) a zen young couple by the names of Grace and John live without heat (minus a stove), without plumbing, and seemingly without a care that they are, in fact, without heat and without plumbing. Their home is a yurt, what is essentially an insulated, one-room tent with a skylight and latticed walls. The pair work (from the yurt, via high-speed internet) for environmental nonprofits, but John does not want "to operate under the delusion that we're saving the planet by living in a yurt [...] For me, it's just fun to problem-solve our daily lives." And it's true, despite images of frosted-over outhouse toilets and descriptions of showers-by-sauna, life doesn't seem totally unpleasant, though John tells the Minnesota Public Radio that it is, admittedly, "not for everyone." Read on. [Minnesota Public Radio]