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Goodnight Eerie Crescent Moon in Deserted Lithuanian Building

Goodnight, Lithuanian city of Kaunas, population 300,000. Goodnight, abandoned concrete building, probably built in the '70s. Goodnight, crescent moon appearing in the windows of said building, created with LED flashlights and polyethylene sheets hung on wooden frames.

Goodnight Morfai, the street artist behind "I Stole the Moon." Goodnight, decidedly more sinister blood-moon version, created with torches.

Goodnight kittens, just for good measure. And goodnight, mittens, while we're at it.

Goodnight setup video, with the kind of chill and sinister techno soundtrack, whispering weooo weooo weoo tck ticka.

Goodnight stars. Goodnight air. Goodnight post-industrial urban fabrics everywhere.

· A Giant, Fake Moon Rises in an Abandoned Lithuanian Building [CityLab]