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Updated Eichler Can Take On the Airiest Scandinavian Homes

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Compared to many Eichler houses to hit the market recently (here's a whole map of 'em), this remodeled one in Sunnyvale, California dared to break the mold of the original architecture a bit more, creating a clean, modern space for graphic designer Traci Yau and her family. During the remodel, the biggest change was tearing down a wall that split the main living area, shown below, into two parts, a move that enhances a distinct advantage of an Eichler house: natural light. In fact, decisions like employing white walls and pale floors, and avoiding upper cabinets were all intended to amplify light and flow in the house. Yau's "clutter-free decorating scheme" also plays up the history of the space, with midcentury furniture designs like the Eames plywood lounge chair and matching coffee table stealing the spotlight.

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