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Genius Photoshopper Turns S.F.'s Victorians into Skyscrapers

San Francisco's skyline just got a whole lot more darling. The team over at the Bold Italic took to Photoshop to visualize what it would look like if the city's trademark Victorian homes were converted into highrises, with turrets and bay windows zooming up thirty stories high. The project is not just a clever tribute to the beloved historic buildings, but also a critique of new downtown developments that "lack any version of character," the creators write. Sadly, this colorful version of a skyline is far better as a fantasy. "Victorians would make terrible high-rises," writes Curbed San Francisco. "Aside from being massive firetraps, they'd require entry staircases somewhere on the magnitude of the Vulcan Stairs," a set of steps nearly two blocks long. But the Bold Italic folks are definitely onto something: newer buildings could and should pay more homage to historic beauties.

All images by Tim Delger via the Bold Italic

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