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Peek Inside a Collector's Paris Apartment Before it's Sold

It's hard not to speculate about the seller of this wildly eclectic Paris apartment. The 1,615-square-foot abode in Montmartre has an unusual layout—it appears to be a one-bedroom triplex with a rooftop garden and a tunnel-shaped medical practice—but what's most striking is the world-spanning décor contained within. No doubt, the abundant sculptures, paintings, and objets d'art placed around the living room are not included in the €1.5M ($1.79M) price, but they meld perfectly with the red window screens reminiscent of a 1920s opium den, woven carpets, and rough wooden table. The ceiling is glossy on one level, but brick on another; the walls and floors are either tiled or covered in wooden planks, and there are both spiral and floating staircases. The narrow, mask-filled medical clinic on the ground floor can be thrown in for an extra €320K, and it seems worth it to keep the two spaces together, in all their glorious weirdness.

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