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Ikea Outdoes Itself with Bizarre New Ad Starring Flying Clothes

In what may be the strangest Ikea ad yet (the competition is pretty stiff though), a "flock of much-loved T-shirts" embark on a wild journey, flying through menacing storms and past an excessively zappy child, to reach its "home." It certainly doesn't become clear until the end, since bird-like clothes are just so distractingly bewildering, but the commercial is promoting Ikea's PAX wardrobe, the flying t-shirts' restful, final destination.

The ad, which is a sequel of sorts to the Swedish furniture giant's Shakespeare-inspired commercial—in which a young woman falls through the sky and eventually ends up on the retailer's MALM bed—just goes to suggest that weirder, more baffling marketing exploits are on the way.

The Video:

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