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NYC's Arcade Bedroom is What Kids Dream Adulthood to Be

Photos by Max Touhey for Curbed

Tucked away in Manhattan's Murray Hill neighborhood is a master bedroom chock-a-block with the stuff of an 11-year-old's reverie: Street Fighter action figures, five arcade cabinets, and a giant console that can project 25,000 different video games on a mega screen. The owner is Chris Kooluris, and his bedroom (and the fiancée he lost along the way to building it) has garnered him micro-fame. In the tour Kooluris recently gave Curbed NY, one can glimpse the rest of his apartment, a staid, if even a little grandma-ish, living room, and a kitchen made interesting only by a cartoon unicorn piercing the body of a dove. When giving tours, he says, "I love that shock and awe moment" when visitors enter his bedroom. The whole thing cost $32K, but it seems like Kooluris is about to offset the expense by renting it out as an event space.

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