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Where Has This Lego Bed Been All My Extended Childhood?

Oh wow, this Lego-inspired furniture by Spanish design firm Lola Glamour really makes me want to be an actual kid again, as opposed to a "late adolescent" with a 401k.

The round studs double as handles, which is neat. The Lego-like sections cover each piece kind of haphazardly—not unlike something a kid might make—but I can't help but think it'd be cool see one of these pieces entirely covered in them.

Freshome published these images without too much in the way of specifics. The bed, cabinet, and wall shelf do show up on the firm's website, so even if they're custom pieces, you can likely commission your own.

· LEGO-Inspired Kids Furniture Collection Sparks Up Nostalgia [Freshome via Legodt]