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Libeskind's Latest Design is a Jumble of Curves and Zig-Zags

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Famous Polish-American architect Daniel Libeskind, known for his (super controversial) loyalty to absurdly pointy forms, has been tapped to design a recreational destination near a ski hill in Vilnius, Lithuania. Libeskind's "Vilnius Beacon," which will sit atop the highest point in the city, was in the architect's own words, "inspired by the landscape of this beautiful city." What he came up with, as seen in these new renderings, is a cluster of assorted geometric structures spread loosely across the snowy terrain, with his signature jagged schemes making slightly more subtle appearances in the form of zig-zaggy canopies and a curved, sharp-cornered roof.

The complex will include two main buildings connected by a covered pathway (that's the zig-zaggy part). One building, featuring a sloping roofline and an open-air plan inside, will house ticketing, rental, and retail facilities. The three-story structure with a curved roof will contain various dining and event spaces, many with panoramic views of the hill and city below. Construction for the Beacon is set to begin this year, with an anticipated completion date in 2016.

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