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This Pristine Concrete House Hides Behind Old Volcanic Rock

For over a decade, the Portuguese firm of SAMI Arquitectos has been laboring to save the many 16th-century ruins on a remote volcanic island 800 miles west of Portugal called Pico. They recently created a vacation home around one of these ruins, a basalt stone house that had once housed animals on the ground floor. The crumbling structure was open to the elements and only had outer walls remaining, so SAMI decided to slot a two-story concrete house inside of it. The architects added four timber-clad bedrooms, a living room with a gabled ceiling, and sliding glass doors that open onto three different terraces. They told Dezeen: "The project came from the will to maintain a ruin and thinking of a house that would value it, a house that could be modeled to it and take advantage at the same time."

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