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Take a Peek Inside Chicago's Crumbling Oscar Mayer Mansion

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Photos via Curbed Chicago

Last week, Curbed Chicago reported that the historic mansion of sausage king Oscar G. Mayer Sr. hit the market for $1.75M, a seemingly overambitious ask given the building's totally dilapidated state. Only exterior shot were available then but now, Curbed Chicago has dug up a few interior shots of the place, which only confirms how much work needs to be done to revive the building. The house, which Mayer lived in from 1927 until his death in 1965, has been abandoned in recent years—that is, unless you count the little fox that's been spotted squatting there. In its current state, the house's peeling walls and grimy bathroom are obvious downers, but its many stained glass windows and grand staircase are still quite eye-catching.

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