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Here Now, 3,200 NYC Doorways as Captured in Vintage Photos

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Forty years ago, one industrious photographer named Roy Colmer walked up and down the streets of Manhattan, capturing some 3,200 different doorways along the way. Now, thanks to David Lowe, a photography specialist at the New York Public Library, there's a nifty new interactive map where you can discover roughly which part of the city each door (or sometimes "door" in the form of chain-link gates and loading docks) was found. Clicking on each point also links you to a present-day look at the block via Google Street View. Colmer, who passed away in early 2014, once explained that in developing this body of work, he "was not concerned with the particular street, historic or architectural importance of the door." And this indiscriminate approach may be why the collection is such an authentic portal to '70s New York. [Curbed NY]