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Mega Cruise Ship To Feature Freezing Cold Snow Room

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Just when we thought all-you-can-eat, floating casinos couldn't get any more excessive, Norwegian Cruise Line has upped the ante with their newest ship, the Norwegian Escape. When the ship debuts in the Caribbean in October 2015, guests will have access to the first-ever Snow Room, an "arctic oasis" located in the ship's Mandara Spa that will be kept at a chilly 21 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The room will even release snow throughout the day, because nothing says a Caribbean vacation like sitting in a freezing cold room getting snowed on. Why in the world would people want to sit in the Snow Room? According to a press release, the Snow Room will provide "arctic refreshment" and a "multitude of health benefits, including stimulating blood circulation in the body and strengthening the immune system." Maybe people should just go ski instead.
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