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Completely Redone Late-'60s Compound Reduced to $7.25M

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Location: Los Angeles, California
Price: $7,250,000.
Denim mogul Joe Dahan has knocked nearly three million dollars off the price of his Hollywood Hills dwelling since he put it on the market last October, for $9,995,000. Back in 1993, when it was just an economical and swell Hal Levitt-designed home, it changed hands for just $755,000. Now, for better or for worse, it's been totally remade.

Mark Rios of L.A.-based architecture studio Rios Clementi Hale redid the 1969 abode for producer Darren Star in the early aughts, completely refinishing the inside and outside, as well as adding in two glass pavilions (one is now a gym), a pool, and new landscaping. Star sold it to Dahan, the current owner, for $4.65M in 2005.

In the esteemed opinion of Curbed LA's commenters, the one-acre plot doesn't have much of a view for a perch above the Sunset Strip with a such a high price. Some found it "beautiful," while others lamented that there's not "there's not a lick of Levitt left"; others still wondered why Hal Levitt fan Jennifer Anniston didn't just buy it up.

Listing materials note copious terrazzo flooring, "exquisite surfaces / fixtures throughout," and a privacy-ensuring wall or "lush verdant period landscaping" surrounded by dense, privacy-ensuring walls of foliage. The asking price is down to $7.25M.