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Guy Behind is Launching a Thing a Lot Like

Now that Fab, the once super hyped flash sales site that peddled everything from creepy head planters to high-end furniture to iPad cases, has all but utterly burned out, its cofounder and former creative director Bradford Shellhammer is ready to launch another site—and it looks a helluva lot like Bezar will be a "collection of pop-up shops" centered around bold design fare. Determined to not be "the guy that just did Fab twice," Shellhammer emphasized to Fast Company that Bezar won't be a flash sale site (though the magazine writes the venture will be in "the flash sales game," so it's hard to parse the PR babble from the truth here) because "there is a big difference in my eyes between that and the pop-up shop model. Discount is not the driving factor here. It's about newness, exposure." [Fast Company]