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A Romp Through Ikea's New Collections Coming in February

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Ikea really turned things up for retro design fans last fall, with the reintroduction of pieces from the '50s, '60s, and '70s. What the world's largest furniture producer has in store for this February mainly consists of two new collections, SPRUTT and NORNÄS. Like night and day, these are.

The SPRUTT collection is very light and sprightly. The theme here is productive mornings. ("There's definitely no time to fuss over finding your keys or toothbrush, let alone tripping over shoes or clothes." We hear that!!) It looks very clean, and also kind of like how a shot of ultra-condensed Sunny Delight might taste (some of it, anyway); the all-white-minimalism-interrupted-with-some-yellow aesthetic that's familiar enough at this point.

Looks like you can slide whatever picture you want into these frames. Why not make a Brady Bunch cabinet?

The storage ladder is here to stay.

The shower curtain has pockets!

For makeup/croissant/black coffee time.

Aaaaand a storage ducky.


With the NORNÄS collection, Ikea wants to "bring the Swedish forest into your home," with a bunch of pieces aimed at highlighting the "beauty and versatility of natural pine for a new generation." The brother-and-sister design team of Marianne and Knut Hagberg put together a line that aims to be as raw as Knut's serious mutton chops.

Put three of these together, and it's almost like the EXPEDIT is back.

Pretty dope wine rack.

Here's the sideboard version.

But wait, it gets even smaller, and now you can sit on it.

Lots of stuff here.

Pillows/beads/empty plates go here.

Everything looks better next to a slatted-wood wall covering.

Here's a dog.