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Coffee Tables Wear Belts Sometimes, End Up Being Just Like Us

The Wall Street Journal's recent profile of Patrik Fredrikson and Ian Stallard, the co-founders of furniture design studio Fredrikson Stallard, turned me on to something I should have known a long time ago: that two someones out there were creating coffee tables held together by belts.

What a funny idea! Just take some things, put a belt on them, and yup, table. This one, Table#1, consisting of little more than a bunch of logs held together by a steel band, was what first got people interested in the couple's work, when it was unveiled in 2003 at 100% Design, the U.K.'s largest design trade fare. Now, Fredrikson Stallard charges as much as $125,000 for custom-made dining tables, through the small network of private collectors that provide them with 99 percent of their commissions.

Patrick Dempsey would loooove it:

Here's a closer look at their Hallingdal table, which is made from a spool of wool fabric:

Belted tables. More of this soon, please.

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