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Jet Fighter Engineer's Apartment is Full of (Duh) Airplane Stuff

Nothing's a better catalyst for inventive interior design than a burning passion, it seems. For proof, just look at this fun aviation-inspired apartment in Tainan City, Taiwan, aptly named "The House About to Launch." Designed by Taiwanese firm HAO Design for a jet fighter engineer and his wife, the apartment is teeming with references to airplanes and airports. There's a metal dining table that's reminiscent of an aircraft wing, a large world map in the hallway, wallpaper depicting a bird's-eye view of city streets, and what looks like an appearance by the flying shield of one famous Captain America.

Since the wife wanted a "bright, natural, and cozy" style, the home's overall industrial aesthetic is tempered by some Nordic design influences. This was accomplished with the sky-blue wall and white bricks in the main living area, as well as light, creative shelving units in the bedroom. Take a closer look, below.

The full gallery is over at Freshome.

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