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An SF Interior Designer Says Antiques are the 'Soul of a House'

Exterior photos by Meg Messina, interior photos by Matthew Millman
If you had to describe Jay Jeffers' style in two words, perhaps the most accurate way would be to borrow the title from the interior designer's recent book, Collected Cool. Jeffers says his livable luxury look would not be possible without antiques. He thinks that if you believe living with objects possessing history makes a home fusty, you need to reconsider. "Antiques, art, and accessories play a huge role in the decoration of a home," he says. "In fact, they are the very soul of an interior." Jeffers own weekend home, a St. Helena getaway dubbed the Poolhouse that he shares with his husband, Michael Purdy, is the poster child for a modern interior that makes use of antiques. As the design community gears up for the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show, an event for which Jeffers chairs the Designers' Circle, he invites us inside.

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