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Two Suave Concrete Houses Squeeze into One Narrow Site

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Photos by <a href="http://www.danielamacadden.com/">Daniela Mac Adden</a> via <a href="http://www.dezeen.com/2015/10/12/luciano-kruk-maria-victoria-besonias-two-houses-conesa-concrete-narrow-lot-buenos-aires-argentina/">Dezeen</a>.
Photos by Daniela Mac Adden via Dezeen.

We've seen all kinds of architectural sleight of hand in high-density urban spaces, where land is scarce and housing needs can soar past housing stock. In the Colegiales neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina, architects Luciano Kruk and María Victoria Besonías have done something quite clever to conserve space—the pair has slid two houses into a single narrow site between existing two structures. The secret is a spatial arrangement that gives each unit an equal amount of the outdoor space available on the site: By placing the volumes at each end of the long, narrow site, a central green space (with pool!) becomes a shared amenity.

The houses themselves are pretty stellar, too, not just for their siting. Rugged concrete ceilings, walls, and floors throughout the open-plan interiors, as well as touches like red tile walls in one of the homes' bathrooms, along with a small planted courtyard, make the insides of the houses as intriguing and visually engaging as their exteriors.

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