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5 'Transforming' Furniture Designs That Maximize Your Space

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RODOLFO modular furniture by Davide Negri—Photo via <a href="">Lovethesign</a>
RODOLFO modular furniture by Davide Negri—Photo via Lovethesign

As apartments get smaller and designers wrestle with how to do a lot with very little, "transforming" seems to be an emerging keyword. With Ikea developing movable walls that introduce different rooms in one space and various designers exploring space-saving furnishings that can toggle between different functions, it's only logical that some other resourceful folk are inventing super flexible furniture that's customizable and transformable at the core, modular systems that let you rearrange things based on changing needs and spacial constraints. Take a look at these recent launches, most of which are already available for purchase.

Since all of these examples feature similar blocky, primitive forms, it seems radical flexibility demands radical simplicity. Are you into it? Would you sacrifice design details for adaptability? Go ahead and sound off in the poll and comments.

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All photos via Designboom

Moon Chaise Longue by LINA—£176.00 (~$270)

This modular design consists of two components that can be rearranged to form either a single block bench or lounge chair. With multiple modules connected via flexible joints, one can also make additional furniture, including sofas, side tables, and stools. Made of washable fabrics, the design comes in nine bright colors.

All photos via Dezeen

Sancal's Mosaico Collection by Yonoh—Available at select dealers

Presented at Salone del Mobile this year, the Mosaico collection by Spanish design outfit Yonoh was designed as a puzzle that can produce different solutions for different spacial constraints. Pieces of hexagonal, square, or rounded frames can be topped with marble, wooden, or upholstery and fitted with optional backs. Like the mosaic tiles that inspired the design, these modules can easily tesselate to form a variety of seating and table arrangements.

All photos via Nendo

Nest Shelf by Nendo (Sayaka Ito)—Concept

Ever prolific Japanese design firm Nendo debuted this shelf concept at London Design Festival last month, proving furniture sorcery is real. The very flexible shelf can nest within itself so that it transforms from a narrow triple shelf to a grid-style shelf with nine compartments to a fully extended shelf that doubles the size the fully collapsed version. Options, options, people!

All photos via Everblock

EverBlock Modular Building Systems by Everblock Systems—$3.95 to $7.25 (individual blocks); $39.60 to $155.90 (bulk packs)

The EverBlock system is basically everyone's favorite Lego toys blown up to real-life scale so you can use them to make real-life furniture, like bar counters, dividers, and coffee tables.

All photos via Lovethesign

The Rodolfo Sofa by Davide Negri—£124.00 (~$190) for ottoman, £198.00 (~$303) for seat/bed; £117 (~$180) for frame

The Rodolfo system involves three modules—a steel rod frame, seat/bed, and ottoman/backrest—that can configure into a bunch of different seating solutions. The product is further customizable with a range fabric texture and color options.

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