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'Roman Ruins'-Inspired Texas Mansion Includes a Recreated Sistine Chapel Ceiling

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This is one of those cases where we would do better to just look at the pictures of this Shavano Park, Texas mansion, listed this past weekend for $1.3 million, than to read a whole bunch of words. But then there's the listing itself and, well, we might as well do both. Apparently, the three-bedroom, "2.75"-bath home is "an architectural masterpiece not to be duplicated" that "is reminiscent of a medieval castle" and includes a "Gothic-style frieze" and "a liberal rendering of part of the Sistine Chapel ceiling in the Vatican [as] a focal point in the living room." Also:

Inspired by the look of Roman ruins, the builder made the walls to look imperfect as if they had worn, crumbling plaster and faux cracks. Basically, if it happened between the first and sixteenth centuries, this house has some kind of reference to it.

· 4 De Zavala Pl, Shavano Park [Zillow]