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Architect Couple Renovates Brooklyn Apartment to Perfection

If Max Worrell and Jejon Yeung ever wanted to buy, they knew one thing: they had to get out of Carroll Gardens. It was 2013, and the market was as vicious as ever. Although they loved the trees and streetlife of their Brooklyn neighborhood, its pricepoints didn't jive with theirs. The couple's search for property took them across the city. Because both Worrell and Yeung are architects, the apartment they were looking for needed to have a certain something; and they found it in Chinatown. But after a series of unfortunate events, their contract fell through—buying a home isn't as easy as HGTV makes it seem—and they started their search again. "It was Jejon who knew" they had found it, Worrell recalls from the seventh floor Clinton Hill co-op he and his husband now share, "I didn't see it at first." But after nearly a year and a half—major renovation included—the apartment is thoroughly their own.

Remarkable before and after shots ahead >>