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Tour a Posh Pad That Mixes Iconic Designs Old and New

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For some people, "timeless" style might mean a home filled with midcentury design. For Alexander Dzivnel of Belarusian architecture and interiors firm Nordes Design Group, it's about a delicate mix of different eras. In redecorating a slightly palatial Belarusian apartment with lovely oak floors and lofty ceilings, Dzvinel incorporates an Eames lounge and Jean Prouvé Standard chairs right along with distinctively contemporary chandeliers by Lindsey Adelman and Michael Anastassiades and vintage armchairs in leather and green velvet. And whereas one end of the open-plan living area skews traditional with an ornate fireplace, the other is decidedly modern, with custom iron and glass kitchen cabinets and bold-patterned floors. It all looks surprisingly coherent.

Head to AD España for the full gallery.

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