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Yes, You Can Really Buy a Ski Area for $149,000

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The nonprofit that owns Soldier Mountain Ski Area in Idaho is dedicated to getting the hill open this winter. So much so that it's willing to sell the ski area for what it owes the bank if someone will get the lifts spinning. The number? $149,000. That's fractional ownership in a one-bedroom condo in a lot of ski towns. Another company apparently was under contract to purchase the ski area, but the closing date was in August and money has yet to change hands, according to a Facebook post.

For $149,000, you can buy a townhouse in Boise, a two hour drive away, or get the inventory, buildings, machinery and lifts at Soldier Mountain. Have you priced out a ski lift lately? This place comes with three.

And Soldier Mountain isn't a tiny community ski hill — it's a pretty big community ski hill. Operating on Forest Service land, Soldier Mountain has 1,147 skiable acres and a vertical of 1,425 feet. In size, that puts it somewhere between Stevens Pass and Sugarloaf (also, geographically).

Deals like this don't come around that often. Liquidate some assets and email to make a move.

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