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This Place Matters: 10 Gorgeous Religious Buildings Across the U.S.

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All month long in October 2015, Curbed and National Trust for Historic Preservation are teaming up on #ThisPlaceMatters, a social campaign highlighting the most beloved places across America. Our motto at Curbed is "love where you live," which ties in succinctly with the National Trust's mission to highlight everyday buildings and places alongside those officially earmarked for historic preservation. We're looking to you, our readers, to submit photos of your favorite places—along a different theme each week—via Instagram and Twitter by tagging them with #ThisPlaceMatters. Don't forget to tag Curbed and @savingplaces in your photos, too. This week's theme: Religious buildings.

Across America, religious buildings serve not only as hallowed places of worship, but also as community civic centers—acting as polling locations, as meeting halls for community boards, and as places for neighborhood gatherings of all kinds. From synagogues to churches, from mosques to Bahá'i temples, the beauty of America's religious centers—humble, grand, and in between—is on brilliant display in the photos below. We also want to hear about the incredible religious buildings where you live: submit photos of your favorite places, landmarked or not, on Instagram and Twitter by tagging them with #ThisPlaceMatters. Here are some of our other favorites from across the country.


Memorial Presbyterian Church. Saint Augustine, Florida. Photo by Wesley Harrick via Creative Commons.


San Estevan del Rey Mission Church. Acoma, New Mexico. Photo by Douglas Merriam.



Beth Sholom Congregation. Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. Photo by Jay Reed via Creative Commons.


Mother Mosque of America. Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Photo by Rife Ideas via Creative Commons.


The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption. San Francisco, California. Photo via Wikipedia.


Bahá'i Temple. Wilmette, Illinois. Photo by Justin Kern via Creative Commons.


Washington National Cathedral. Washington, D.C. Photo courtesy Brian Thomson of the Ethan James Foundation.


St. Louis Cathedral. New Orleans, Louisiana. Photo by Britt Reints via Creative Commons.


Rothko Chapel. Houston, Texas. Photo by Hickey-Robinson via Rothko Chapel.

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