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You Aren't Really Showering Until Darth Vader Is Spitting Water on Your Head

File this one under: Things We Didn't Realize We Need, But Only Because We Didn't Know They Existed. (Then maybe think about giving your files shorter names.)

There are two new shower heads from Bed Bath & Beyond in the shape of Darth Vader('s head) and R2D2. The Darth Vader one looks like he is simultaneously crying and vomiting onto your head, which serves him right. The R2D2 one looks like he sprung a bunch of leaks and probably has some serious internal damage, which is kind of a bummer. We'd prefer the Darth Vader one, thank you.
· Star Wars Showerheads Let You Bathe In Vader's Tears [Gizmodo, via Bored Panda]