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Would You Buy Your Next Apartment in a Food Truck?

In the effort to meet potential renters, one Washington, D.C.-based developer has decided to leave the leasing office, hit the road, and meet homebuyers in local farmers markets and festivals in a foodless food truck. The JBG Companies, the same developer behind U Street's Atlantic Plumbing and Potomac Yard's Notch8, has created what they call a "mobile real-estate experience," otherwise known as Dwell Direct. What looks like a food truck is actually a mobile leasing office outfitted with a couch, a 60-inch touch screen, iPads, and large photos of residential developments developed by The JBG Companies. By rolling through different neighborhoods in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., the developer is able to highlight any nearby residential developments to passersby who may already be enamored with the area.

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