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5 Small-Space Decorating Tips from Interior Designers

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I'm finally sharing all the photos from our house on today! @joannagoddard

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For decor lovers, a small space poses a particular challenge: How to get all your beloved stuff into one teeny tiny area meant to house you (and, perhaps, a pet and significant other). The 5 design solutions for small spaces, outlined below, may help you in your quest for well-appointed tiny living quarters. From thoughts on the appropriate furnishings to ways to enlarge a space that have nothing to do with painting everything white (or adding mirrors galore), we've got you covered.

White walls aren't the only way to make a space feel larger.

At this point it seems like design common sense, but if you love color, there's no need to forego a full, vivid palette just because you're working with a tiny space. Try hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains in your space, which will help create the illusion of height. The drapes can be any color, pattern, or print you choose! We love this batik-style print on the curtains in Justina Blakeney's LA pad.

Don't forget to make the most of your vertical space!

Shelfie shuffle

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Wall shelves of varying heights are a great way to build a cool storage solution onto what is generally unused space in many apartments. Here's a great, midcentury modern shelving solution from New Orleans-based design blogger Dabito.

For maximum aesthetic impact in minimal space, the gallery wall is your friend.

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Nothing adds style might to a space like art. As in Dabito's space, above, San Francisco-based Jordan Ferney of blog Oh Happy Day uses frames of different scales to showcase art of a variety of types.

Multi-use furniture, transforming furniture, and furniture on wheels, are each your friend!

…Like the good ol' standby kitchen cart (seen above). And should you find yourself in the market for some new wares, we have a roundup for that.

And if you're really, really short on space, what about affixing multi-use furniture to the wall?

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Nina Bruun, a design manager at Scandinavian design manufacturer and retailer Muuto, 'grammed this lovely snap of a ledge-like table affixed to a wall and we dig the concept.

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