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Antlers & Taxidermy: Rustic Delight or Dead-on-Arrival Decor?

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When we asked our readers which decor trends they felt were overexposed, we got a flood of responses, ranging from vitriol against putting TVs over fireplaces to the scourge that is the all-white kitchen. The very first comment, however, decried another thing altogether: antlers. That commenter, though first, was by no means alone.

Antlers. Antlers and taxidermy, faux or otherwise. Faux antlers or taxidermy of any kind-not a good idea ever but especially now. Antler decor seems to have come up against a two-pronged line of attack (see what we did there?): That antler decor and taxidermy are ecologically irresponsible, in the era of mass extinctions and greater sensitivity when it comes to hunting in general, and that it's flat-out ugly. Antler chandeliers, deployed ironically or not, have been all the rage in certain design circles over the last few years, and their ubiquitousness has to be, to some extent, responsible for this backlash. Then, there are the antler and antler-motif picture frames, jewelry racks, and other ephemera to be found on Etsy. Are the non-animal-derived taxidermy-esque wire sculptures hawked by stores like Los Angeles's Bend any better? Or is it all too much? Where do you stand? Sound off in the comments!

Bison taxidermy in a New York City apartment.

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