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Danish People Are Lighting Their Homes With Old Copenhagen Streetlights

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Copenhagen is replacing 20,000 of its streetlights with more efficient lamps that use LED bulbs, can be dimmed at certain times of the day, and sense approaching cyclists and shine extra light for them. But what will they do with the old lights? Funny you should ask.

In an even greener move, the local government decided to auction off 7,000 of the old street lamps for reuse.

"The demand has been very high," says Helle Kamvig of Lauritz, the auction house facilitating the sales. "People want a piece of Copenhagen history in their living rooms, and they like the raw and industrial look." She notes that the lights fit well with the Danish interior design trend of mixing time periods and styles to "make things personal and unique." Lauritz has sold some 3,000 lamps over the past five months, and expects to sell the rest by March 2016. People are paying an average of $100 per lamp. We're guessing they don't ship to North America but, oh man, if they did...
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