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Industrial Building Becomes Rad Student Housing and Hotel

In a world of increasingly dense cities (and a correspondingly complex set of housing problems) it seemed only a matter of time before these two (very different) ends of the city-liver spectrum met. We're talking about visitors to boutique hotels (tourists, business travelers) and students, who, 9 times out of 10, are simply looking for simple, affordable housing to nap in between classes. Called The Student Hotel (a name we're not huge fans of, but what can you do?), this unique collection of four boutique hotels in the Netherlands (two in Amsterdam and two others in the Hague and Rotterdam) are a mix of student housing and boutique-hotel-like serviced apartments. The overall aesthetic in ths outpost, the Amsterdam West location, the work of creative agency staat, is definitely eclectic, with bright, colorful wall finishes and furniture, and a pared-down material palette that plays up its industrial past, all exposed-steel and concrete.

Boutique Hotel Meets Student Housing - The Student Hotel by ...,staat [Yatzer]