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Meet the Floridian Edith Macefield, Holding Out For $10 Million

Alexei Barrionuevo's Curbed piece about the boutique condo boom in Miami Beach is definitely worth a read, but one tidbit that's particularly of note is that there is a Miami Beach version of Edith Macefield, the Seattle woman who famously refused to cave to developers and forced them to build around her tiny house. Florida Edith Macefield bought her two-bed, one-bath home in 2010 for $500,000, and is currently making things quite difficult for the developers of a Jean Nouvel-designed project.

[Construction superintendent Kevin] Torres said the local project manager working for JDS has been talking to Nouvel, the architect, about "designing around" Scaffidi's home. If it comes to that, one could suppose the savvy marketers will create an art installation to camouflage the odd gap the home would create. There are a few key differences, though, between Florida Edith Macefield and the original. For one, Florida Macefield is holding out for $10 million, while the Original Macefield could not be bought. For another, Florida Macefield is a bit more... Floridian...

When I went by last week looking for Scaffidi, I found the home dark and shrouded with massive shrubbery. A lonely looking cat hung around the front stoop. A no trespassing sign greeted visitors: "Violators will be shot. Survivors will be shot again." We can't say we're not rooting for her to force Nouvel to get creative, however.
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